Making data work for you

Nuonic creates digital products that make advanced data analytics and automation accessible to business users of all skill levels.

We combine leading-edge technologies to distil complex problems using large data sets into consumable outputs with real utility. We help our customers to make better decisions using automated data analytics.

Our products

Optimising connected vehicle fleets

Prism is an advanced analytics automation platform for connected vehicle fleet that is hardware agnostic and commercially focussed. Prism automates key management activities so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

Analytics automation for everyone

Project E is our newest product that provides a variety of easy-to-use tools for automating common analysis tasks across domains such as transport, financial transactions and health information. Contact us for beta access!

Unlocking the things you don't know.

We provide a range of proprietary commercial data sets across various domains including consumer transactions, food consumption, transport activity and geo-spatial features. Nuonic is a licensed reseller of PSMA Australia (TM) geo-spatial data.

About us

Who we are

We are a small team of experts in data science and software development who work with companies large and small to help them achieve peak performance and solve new problems. 

Our skills include geospatial analysis, high-performance cloud computing, artificial intelligence, large-scale data integration, analytics automation and IOT. 

What we do

We help our customers close the intelligence gap by building simple to use tools that empower everyone to utilise large and diverse data sources to improve the way they work and live.

Every day we analyse millions of data points to help our users maximise their productivity, profitability and impact.


We are proud to work with these great companies to develop and deploy solutions to customers.

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